Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Galerie Hochdruck Japonisme Exhibition

Galerie Hochdruck in Vienna is having a "Druckgrafik des Japonismus" exhibition running from November 28th to February 27, 2016.  An online version of their exhibition can be found at and is worth checking out.

Segler auf Hiddensee 2 [Sailors on Hiddensee 2] (c. 1915) by Siegfried Berndt
(woodblock print)

The exhibition concentrates on prints by Mittle-European artists, many of whom of new to me, but it also includes a selection of classical Japanese ukiyo-e prints and some prints by several contemporary print artists.  Few if any of the pre-WWII print artists besides Emil Orlik ever actually traveled to Japan, so the prints are largely ones which are merely "inspired" by Japanese composition and motifs.  The various artists represented include Erich Buchwald-Zinnwald, Lucien Pissarro, Leonhard Fanto, Maximilian Kurzweil, Carl Moll, Walther Klemm, Nobertine Bresslern-Roth, and Hugo Henneberg, among others.

Vier Jahreszeiten: Herbst
[Four Seasons:Winter] (1909)
by Hedwig Jarke
 (woodblock print)
Badefreuden [Bathing] (1903)
by Hans Neumann
(woodblock print)

I particularly like this WWI print by Dirk Hidde Nijland:

Duikboot en mijn [U-Boat and Mines] (1917) by Dirk Hidde Nijland
(woodblock print)

The owner of the gallery told me that objects in the exhibition will change over time as certain prints are sold and new ones are acquired, so it might be worthwhile to check back from time to time.

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